Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Smell The Flowers

Hello and welcome to my usual weekly post for My Mum's Craft Shop. We have had so many new products in lately (and more on the way) it's hard to choose what to use! I have had the new PaperArtsy Jofy Stamps sat on my desk for about a week waiting to be used and finally i thought yes now is the time!
OMG i knew i would love these stamps, i have so many more ideas for them too. This is the Jofy 09 Set. I love that they are simple and quirky and they don't need much else than a dash of colour to look fab.. i am thinking i might do a canvas with these next time. To create the background i just used some adirondack inks and a dreamweaver brush. I wanted it nice and pastel to make the flowers show up more. The sentiment also comes in this set which is all ez mounted already too!

Kitty xx

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  1. Seriously fabulous card and loving those images myself - they're on my birthday list!



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